How to Build a Website in 10 Minutes or Less

website design 10 minutes

Whether you’re an adult or a child, you can create your website in just 10 minutes or less. Read this article up to the end to learn the latest tips and tricks, and the easiest steps on how to make a website.

Websites are the gateway to the internet, but it all depends upon the purpose of the site. Websites have many functions.

For adults, creating a website could mean setting up a business on the internet like e-commerce, advertising, affiliate marketing, blogging, and much more. For children and teenagers, they build a site to share their thoughts with the world. These are the ideas that pertain to their expertise, hobby, personal life, journal, etc.

Websites are naturally dedicated to a specific purpose or topic. The focus ranges from social networking and entertainment to providing education and news. A website is always built upon the taste of its owner, regardless of the site’s reason for existing.

In the past, people needed to learn intermediate programming and coding skills to build a website suited to their liking. Today, you only need 10 minutes or less, an internet connection, and a web browser for you to create and personalize your own site.

Building Your Website in Less than 10 Minutes

Here are the simplest steps and the easiest tricks to build a website quickly.

Summary of the Procedure

  1. Choose a web hosting service.
  2. Come up with a domain name for your website, and choose a web hosting platform.
  3. Personalize your website.

Definition of Terms

For the beginner, some words and phrases used in this article are explained below.

Web Hosting Service

A web hosting service is also known as an Internet hosting provider. It’s a service provider for website builders and developers. Hosting providers offer a place for an individual’s website in the vast world of the internet. You can think of them as landlords that offer your site a place to stay in exchange for a monthly or yearly payment.

Domain Name

domain name

A domain name is what you’ll call your website. It’s also known as a website address or URL. is an example of a URL.

Website Hosting Platform

Web hosting platforms are also called CMS (Content Management systems). CMS is a software used for creating and managing digital content.

Steps Explained Further

Choose a web hosting service.

To build a website, you must first choose a web hosting service. There are many hosting providers available online. You can contact them by email, phone, or by direct messaging.

Come up with a domain name for your website and choose a web hosting platform.


Making a domain name is easy. You just need to think of words or phrases to call your site. However, do remember that the name must be related to your site’s purpose.

Once you’re decided about your site’s name, you’re ready to select your web hosting platform.

For beginners, it’s recommended to choose from the three platforms below.

These three are the easiest CMS to use in web building, but the best for beginners is WordPress. It’s so simple that using it is just like customizing your Facebook timeline.

Personalize your website.


This is the best advantage in creating your own website; building it based on your taste and preferences.

The first step in customizing your site is to install your web hosting platform. Most hosting providers offer a one-click installation of WordPress.

You can immediately design your website after installing your CMS. Start by choosing a theme of your liking. There are tons of themes available for WordPress. All you have to do is log into your WordPress dashboard, pick a theme, and proceed with its installation.

If you can’t find the dashboard, type in the address bar the domain name of your site and attach /wp-admin. By doing so, your browser will redirect you to your WordPress dashboard, and you can now proceed to customize your website.

Latest Trends in Web Design

Try developing your website based on the latest styles. You have the capability to incorporate the best and the trendiest designs for your customization. Check out the following latest trends in web building below.

  • Asymmetric design
  • Rich patterns and backgrounds
  • Decorative details
  • Smooth animations
  • Attractive fonts
  • Geometric and Serif typefaces
  • Contrasting designs
  • Effects on typography
  • Dark themes
  • Larger font sizes for paragraphs

New trends in web design are teeming with diversity this year. This is because even people without knowledge in programming can now build a website in a jiffy. Having creativity is a plus. Start making your site now by following the simple steps above.

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  1. Bree

    Great tips! This will really help a lot of people that do not know how they can start building their own websites. WordPress is really the way to go. Both in functionality and easy learning curve.

  2. Susan

    Choose a domain that has strong metrics and clean anchor texts. With that your newly chosen website will become relevant and to increase website traffic.

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