4 Tips In Which Businesses Can Leverage On Social Selling During The COVID-19 Outbreak

social selling covid outbreak

People are usually engaged in social media more than ever due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. And due to the sudden increase in social media activities, businesses must also adapt to this change by establishing social relations and attract more leads through social selling.

But what exactly is this process called “social selling”? And how can businesses leverage on social selling during the COVID-19 outbreak? Stick around as we are going to tackle more on this topic in today’s entry.

Social Selling Explained

In essence, social selling is a derivative of social media marketing and networking. It is a process of building a social network of potential clients and creating a one-on-one relationship with them through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Basically, it’s all about connecting to social media users and establishing trust and rapport by answering their queries. And it’s not just about answering their questions because you also have to present yourself in such a way that social media users will see you as an “expert” and that you can deliver the thing you offer to them.

Addressing customer queries one by one is the main reason why social selling is effective in converting prospects into clients. And while you’ll have to exert more effort on this marketing approach, most experts agree this is the most practical strategy to do to help your business thrive at the time of the health emergency.

So How To Start With Social Selling?

Here are the tips to follow so your business can leverage on social selling during the COVID-19 outbreak:

1. Do An Initial Research

The first thing you have to do is to find out where your potential customers are “living” in social media. To be more specific, try to determine which social media platform your prospects are using so you’ll be able to engage with them more effectively.

Then, make use of Google to research about how to interact with potential clients based on their chosen social media channels.

2. Identify The Type Of Users You Want To ‘Connect’ With

According to marketing experts, you also need to identify which persons are the best to interact with, be it the CEO of a company you want to engage in business with or someone who has the potential to become your client. Likewise, try to connect with people that have common friends with you as they are easier to build social relations with.

3. Prove That You’re An Expert

While engaging with social media users, you also need to back up everything that you say by demonstrating your expertise in your field of business and write pieces of content that will draw interest from your target audience.

4. Maintain Professionalism At All Times

Finally, you need to maintain professionalism as you leverage on social selling during the COVID-19 outbreak. And the way to this is by optimizing your business profile, creating a corporate page on social media instead of using a personal account in communicating with prospects, and to ensure all the generated content is free from spelling or grammar errors.

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