Marketing in the Modern Age

modern age marketing

No business has been proven successful without the help of marketing. It’s considered by many to be one of the most crucial areas in business, not to mention an effective way to keep your business up and running for years.

Marketing involves creating campaigns, communicating with the target audience, exchanging deals and goods, and delivering them. With the right strategy and tools, marketing can help boost your sales and establish brand awareness among your audience.

Marketing also gives your business the brand recognition and reputation it deserves. This is imperative, especially if you’re in a very competitive field. The more recognizable your business is, the more it’s bound to stand out. But first, you have to get the word out and ensure that it reaches the right ears.


Offline Marketing

Offline Marketing

A Time-Tested Strategy.

Also called traditional marketing, this type of marketing does not require the use of the Internet and social media. Since you have to send your marketing campaign materials personally, you can give them a more personal touch (i.e. newsletters).

Offline marketing likewise includes print ads and billboards, coupons and subscriptions. You can also opt to give away pamphlets, calling cards that advertise your services, or have them broadcasted over radio and television.

Any business may resort to offline marketing, especially if you aim to establish your name locally first. Offline marketing tools are useful because they are everywhere, which makes your products ubiquitous and thus easy to remember.


Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is the combination of offline and online marketing. The upside of direct marketing is that you can contact your target audience. This builds trust between you and potential customers.

There are many ways to do direct marketing. You can send direct mailings to everyone on your marketing list. Your mailings should include postcards and catalogues which introduce your brand to the receiver. You could also send email, which is in itself a cost-effective marketing strategy. Emails can be in the form of e-newsletters.

Telemarketing and SMS marketing are the last two types of direct marketing. The former involves contacting potential customers via the phone, while the latter allows you to send text (SMS) messages to them.


Marketing the Modern Way

Social Marketing

Social Media is an Ideal Way of Boosting Your Online Presence.

Most marketing campaigns done in this age happen online, given that customers are either millennials or tech-savvy individuals. Modern marketing utilizes a variety of social media platforms, in which content and advertisements are shareable.

Modern marketing allows business owners to flex their creativity to create marketing materials that are insightful and data driven. Online marketing uses social media to drive both old and new clients to your website. This is how you boost your sales.

Online marketing also involves the use of search engine optimization (SEO). This pursues relevant content and the use of relevant keywords that web crawlers detect. You’ll know if you’re doing online marketing right if you see your website and brand online, whether on top of the Google search resuts, or on social media platforms.

Online marketing is very cost-effective, but you might need to invest in basic tools that can help you advance your SEO and social media presence. These tools will serve many different purposes, so choose one that best suits your preferences and needs.

Modern marketing also encourages you to push beyond your boundaries and forget old-school thinking, such as keeping your business secrets to yourself. What works in modern times is networking. Befriend other people in the same industry you’re in – from bloggers to influencers, it helps to widen your network as they can help you further establish your foothold in the market.

For example: Working with bloggers and influencers introduces you to their fan base – the very people you’re trying to sell to. Sure, transacting with fellow professionals will cost a bit of money, but when it comes to modern marketing this is a worthy investment.

3 responses on “Marketing in the Modern Age

  1. Adam

    Marketing has come a long way. From traditional marketing to online marketing with the use of social media and others. We hope we can see more in marketing in the coming years.

  2. Carlton Lint

    Most of the marketing use today is through online. Thru online many ways you can promote your business and one of them is social media marketing by the use of facebook, twitter, etc.

  3. Luis Richey

    Direct marketing is still effective today despite of online marketing is the trend in this modern era. Just maintain the trust that you build with your clients and you get still the upper hand.

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