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Marketing in the Modern Age

modern age marketing

Your mailings should include postcards and catalogues which introduce your brand to the receiver. You could also send email, which is in itself a cost-effective marketing strategy. Emails can be in the form of e-newsletters. Telemarketing and SMS marketing are the last two types of direct marketing. The former involves contacting potential customers via the phone, while the latter allows you to send text (SMS) messages to them.  

Marketing the Modern Way

Social Media is an Ideal Way of Boosting Your Online Presence. Most marketing campaigns done in this age happen online, given that customers are either millennials or tech-savvy individuals. Modern marketing utilizes a variety of social media platforms, in which content and advertisements are shareable. Modern marketing allows business owners to flex their creativity to create marketing materials that are insightful and data driven. Online marketing uses social media to drive both old and new clients to your website.