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Marketing in the Modern Age

modern age marketing

Offline marketing likewise includes print ads and billboards, coupons and subscriptions. You can also opt to give away pamphlets, calling cards that advertise your services, or have them broadcasted over radio and television. Any business may resort to offline marketing, especially if you aim to establish your name locally first. Offline marketing tools are useful because they are everywhere, which makes your products ubiquitous and thus easy to remember.  

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is the combination of offline and online marketing. The upside of direct marketing is that you can contact your target audience. This builds trust between you and potential customers. There are many ways to do direct marketing. You can send direct mailings to everyone on your marketing list. Your mailings should include postcards and catalogues which introduce your brand to the receiver. You could also send email, which is in itself a cost-effective marketing strategy. Emails can be in the form of e-newsletters.

Emails can be in the form of e-newsletters. Telemarketing and SMS marketing are the last two types of direct marketing